Fortress of solitude : Ice cave like no other

Fortress of solitude : Ice cave like no other

May 31, 2010 | By Arnar Jónsson

Photo by Guðmundur F. Jónsson.

No this is not some photoshop trick or a set from Superman this is simply as the photo shows is and it is much more amazing in real life. Other worldly is a good word for this amazing ice cave in Breiðarmerkurjökull glacier. The ice there is black because of the sand particles that get trapped in the ice from the sand fields south of the glacier, which make the colors in the ice change when it interacts with light.

We where on an ice climbing road trip around the island and we where going to spend the last to days in the south east area under the Vatnajökull glacier climbing. But like so often in Iceland the weather does not always follow your plans. During our stay there the weather got way to warm for ice climbing and had actually been like that for a couple of days and as a result the heat destroys the ice climbing lines so there wasn't any way for us to climb safely.
And what should we then do? We asked our selfs. My friend Gummi then thought of calling our good friend Einar at Hofsnes (which is an mountain guide extortioner and an tour operator in the South Vatnajökull area) to ask him if there where any cool ice caves in the area. And he directed us to this amazing cave in the glacier.

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If you want to see it, then talk to Einar at Hofsnes: