Þverártindsegg : Mountaineering trip

Þverártindsegg : Mountaineering trip

May 31, 2010 | By Arnar Jónsson

Photo by Guðmundur F. Jónsson

This was our later guiding trip this spring in the Vatnajokull area. Last time it was Midfellstindur and this time it was time to climb the most beautiful route in Iceland, Þverartindsegg from Kalfafellsdalur. The group was just about the same as came last year for Hrutfjallstindar.

This summit is one of the nicest in southern Vatnajokull and the route is the most spectacular that is guided for people. The route lies from Eggjardalur up a steep rock slope onto a side slope pretty steep. There was not much snow there so we used crampons almost all the way.

Next is the icefall Skrekkur, a nice melting glacier onto the shoulder leading to the top. The weather was so nice we almost had no clothes on on the top for those one and a half hour we stayed there. The descent was quite fast down the mountain and then we had a nice barbecue.

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