Greal holidays

Greal holidays

Jun 11, 2010 | By Marian


First of all big HIIIIIIIIIIII to all of you back there in Iceland. I cant share video with you, so I decide share at least small mail. I was with my boyfriend there for the first time last month, and I have to say, it was amazing time. Since there my body is back in Ireland (Im Slovak working here), but my mind is still on Iceland. We spent amazing 5days there, during which we manage to see Gullfoss, Geysir, Pingvellir is amazingly nice, whale watching – unfortunatelly whales were hinding somewhere in the deep, spent fab evening in Blue Lagoon. Also supposed to go to Isafjordur, but due to volcanic ash our flight was cancelled, so we stayed in Reykjavik. At the begginng we were a bit dissapointed, but later we were really happy about it, coz we had time for Reykjavik, so we could explore it better. Went to eat to Fish Market – mink whale was really tasty, drink coffee and eat nice cake in Babalu, bought some teas in Te & Coffee, t-shirt from Dead shop, organic herbal cream from Soley, also some icelandic cd´s in cd shop...visit tower of Hallgrimskirkja, from where we had great view of Reykjavik and surround area, because weather was sunny, so we have seen things, which where hidden in clouds and fog days before. What else?? We went for swimming to Sundholl, eat your famous hot dogs near to harbour, explored night life with last stop in Barbara club – that place rocks ... went for walk to Tjornin where we were feeding the ducks, visited the National Museum of Iceland, which is really nice, and you can be proud of it. Hafnarhus Art Museum was so cool, but it is sad it is so small, coz exhibitions were really original there. Wanted to go to Asmundarsafn Art Museum as well, but it was closed that time :( We have enjoyed sun with coffee on Ingolfstorg square. And at the end we went to see your famous volcano Eyjafallajoekull. We were really happy, coz it was first tour after couple of days or weeks, and volcano by itself was really active that day, so ash went as high as 6km.
As I said we had amazing, great, wonderfull, beautiful, lovely, fabulous time in Iceland. People were really friendly and nice, tours staff give us very usefull information...Hopefully we will come back soon. I´m planning to go there in October for Iceland Airwaves Festival. So hopefully the luck will be on my side.

With greetings and love

Marian and Pavel