Claus in Iceland - and Djúpavík

Claus in Iceland - and Djúpavík

Jul 01, 2010 | By Claus Sterneck

2003. The first time in Iceland for 1,5 weeks. But, I went to Djúpavík - for one week. I was not interested in Geysir, the highland, Reykjavík. I had to go to Djúpavík.
Djúpavík is located in the east part of the westfjords. A remote place with a old herring factory and a hotel. Only 2 persons living there the whole year - since 25 years.
I knew this place will change my live.

I came back and back to Djúpavík. But I found more nice places in Iceland. Places and persons.
2006. My first summer in Djúpavík. Five months in Djúpavík... I helped in the hotel. I had to stay there for this long time. To feel more and more this place.
2010. Today. I am in Djúpavík again. The fifth summer. I live in Reykjavík since 2008. I am a postman, have friends, and a new home... I am in love with this island.
My whole life changed - I moved to Iceland, I quitted my well paid job in Germany to stay in this beautiful Djúpavík.
I started to take pictures. Here, not in Germany. I learned to see different. Taking pictures differently... In this different country.

I had my first exhibition in summer 2009 in the old herring factory in Djúpavík - photographs taken in Iceland. A big success. So I continued. This summer I opened my fifth exhibition - again in Djúpavík. But this time different: "Pictures - and their sounds". A pictures is not only a picture - it has sound... You see pictures in a book and listens to the sounds of the pictures. Examples:

"We will see!" - not only a sentence.

Iceland changed my life - in a very happy and good way.


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