Iceland - Pure and Fresh

Iceland - Pure and Fresh

Aug 18, 2010 | By Alain Lee

To many people, Iceland is a mysterious place. After the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland made news headline around the world, more and more people started to discover this beautiful country. After I watched a local TV show that talks about Iceland’s nature and how Iceland protects its nature and the environment, I started to fall in love with this country.

I just came back from a 2-week stay at Iceland. I booked a 10-day self-drive package through a local tour operator and stayed extra days at Reykjavik. From the moment I stepped out of the airplane, I could feel that Iceland welcomes its visitors. The passport control personnel had a very warm smile and pleasant tone when speaking to us. The taxi driver was acting as a local tour guide that told us many things about Reykjavik and Iceland during the 30-min ride to our hotel. Sales people in the shops suggested us what we could do in Iceland. All people we met during these 2 weeks are very friendly and offered as much help as possible.

Food in Iceland is very international. We had good Japanese sushi, Thai noodle soup, crepes, seafood, pasta and pizza. Of course, the Icelandic dishes are my favourite. I had my best lamb meal in Iceland. I still miss the lobster dish in Höfn.

Since we drove around Iceland for 10 days, we got a chance to see many of Iceland ’s unique landscape. Volcanoes sound very scary to us but they gave Iceland the unique features that you can't find in anywhere else (e.g. Geysir, bubbling mud pots, hot springs, craters from volcanoes, lava fields, rocks formed by molten lava, etc.). Every part of Iceland is different. One of the best places we visited is the glaciers and icebergs in Jökulsárlón. It is incredibly beautiful and looks like a studio backdrop. Þingvellir, Lake Mývatn, Snæfellsnes and Snæfellsjökull led us ask ourselves how these cliffs, rocks and pseudo craters were formed. The mothernature is so powerful. We were stunned by Skógarfoss, Seljalandsfoss, Gullfoss, Dettifoss and Goðafoss. They are not the largest waterfalls in the world but they are breathtaking. Iceland has so much of these treasures. Icelandic horseback riding and whale watching in the north are perfect activities for family and young children.

Thanks Iceland and its people for giving us such a memorable vacation and showing us this piece of pure and fresh land in the world. Let's tell the world that Iceland is not covered by ice and people in Iceland do not live in igloos. Believe me. You won’t get lost in Iceland.