New Children's Book Based in Iceland: The Gullfoss Legends by Billy Bob Buttons

New Children's Book Based in Iceland: The Gullfoss Legends by Billy Bob Buttons

Oct 06, 2010 | By Billy Bob Buttons

My name is Billy Bob Buttons and I’m the author of a new children’s book called The Gullfoss Legends. The book is loosely based on the legend of Sigríður Tómasdóttir and her fight to save Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland in the early 1900s.

The book was written with the expert help of Professor Helgi Skúli Kjartansson, Professor of History at the University of Iceland and is fully illustrated by the award winning illustrator, Teri Smyth.

Below is the blurb:

Over a century ago, a twelve year old girl walked 120 kms to Reykjavik to persuade the King to help her. Her journey lasted two weeks; two weeks of wild snow storms, skin-blistering winds and deadly clouds of volcanic ash. This is her story.

The British plan to put a dam on Gullfoss, a magnificent waterfall in Iceland, but Sigríður plans to stop them. Setting off to see the King, she must face scalding pools of hot mud, a scary wolf-man and the most evil of assassins, the ruthless Scarecrow, who must stop her at all costs.

Based on the Gullfoss Legends, this is a story for anybody who has battled but refused to give up. described the book as ‘DAZZLING!’ and Bookbuzz wrote ‘The story telling skill of J K Rowling and the wit of Roald Dahl.’

The book is a superbly presented hardback with a dustjacket designed by the Canadian artist, Cody Chancellor. It is 184pp long and will be published in England at the end of this month. It is already tipped to do very well in a number of children’s literary awards.

As the book has such a strong Icelandic theme, we thought it might be of interest to the visitors to your website. It can be purchased at Gullfosskafi, on and ordered through any bookshop. Alternatively, if your members were interested in having a signed copy, it can be ordered directly from me at