Chris and Shan's Iceland Adventure

Oct 07, 2011 | By Shannon Mundie

Iceland. ICELAND! I have been wanting to go to Iceland ever since I saw Hiema- Sigur Ros's DVD that I made my Boyfriend search for me for my Christmas present. It's all I wanted, I had been a fan of them for years! I received the DVD and couldn't stop watching it, I thought Iceland looked beautiful - so I taught myself all I wanted to know about Iceland and a few years later- WE BOOKED THE TRIP!

We went last month and it was perfect! The first day we arrived it was very rainy and stormed a LOT! The next week however, was perfection! Sunny, cool, perfect! We did so much during our week. We went whale watching, saw the northern lights, traveled the golden circle, ate the foods, met the people, swam in the blue lagoon and went horse back riding. We really wanted to go see the black sand beaches, but ran out of time, 6 days is not enough!

We want to plan to go back someday! I can't wait! I have to also say, Iceland air was fabulous! I hate to fly and it was amazing! Everyones so nice!

I think my favorite thing had to be the Golden Circle! Just being out in Iceland in the fresh air was my dream come true- I have worked so hard to get there! I saved money, pinched my pennies, and I made it! I am so glad I got to be a part of Iceland for that week! Thank you! We can't wait to come back! xo